• Perimeter Patrol
  • Audio, Video, Still & Thermal Imagery
  • Gas & Radiation Detection
  • Gates/Entry, Loading Dock Security 
  • Door/Window Check
  • Intrusion Response
  • Animal Abatement
  • And More

Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV Security Features


Multi-Terrain, Mobile Sensor Platform
Captures and transmits real-time audio, video and environmental data, such as VOC's, chemical, and/or gamma radiation levels via a wireless network.

Autonomous Routine Patrols
Performs dull, dirty and potentially dangerous repetitive tasks, along a predetermined route.

Semi-Autonomous Option 
Responds semi-autonomously to alerts or can stand as a sentinel to potentially ward off intruders.

Expanded Situational Awareness 
Helps reduce exposure from threats and hazardous conditions, while freeing manpower for other missions or tasks.


Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV Safety Features

safety features banner
safety features banner

Ruggedized Outdoor Design
Backed by Sharp’s 100+ years of manufacturing excellence and legacy of engineering “firsts” to withstand varying environmental conditions.

Maximized-Traction Tires
Multi-terrain front tires and revolutionary omnidirectional rear tires allow for lateral movement with minimal friction and power usage.

Battery-Powered Electric Drive System 
Electric drive system powered by two user-replaceable, rechargeable lithium ION battery packs, could provide between four to twelve hours per charge, enabling coverage for 3 full shifts each day. NOTE: Actual battery life may vary, depending on speed, terrain, and accessory usage.

Two-Way Audio Communication
Onboard speakers and microphone allow security personnel to interact through the A-UGV without placing themselves in harm’s way.

Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV Facts and Figures

Intelligent 3

Size and Weight (Approx.)
Length: 4.8 ft. Width: 2.9 ft. Height: 4.2 ft. Weight: 450 lbs. Speed: max 3.1 mph

Software Dashboard Interface
Command and control software preinstalled on server; administrator can create patrol routes and set permissions

Cameras and Capabilities
1080p Axis® PTZ Dome Network Camera; 4 wide-angle cameras (front, left side, right side, rear); 360° viewing around the vehicle; integrated FLIR® Thermal imaging for detection beyond the range of human sight 

Intelligent 3