Facts and Figures

Notably certified to ISO 13482 standard for safe operation around people and performance tested under conditions of the MIL-STD 810. The Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV is a programmable, self-directed robotics system. This autonomous robot represents the next frontier in outdoor security.

Facts and Figures

Ruggedized design and tested for safety.

Virtual, autonomous operation for up to 3 touring shifts daily according to battery life. NOTE: Depending on speed, terrain, and accessory usage, battery life could last between four to twelve hours per charge.

Integrated camera system documents and stores the entire guard tour with multiple video technologies.

Drive train has all electric, independent brushless motors.

Multi-tiered safety features include obstacle detection sensors, ultrasonic sensors and four-sided bumpers with pressure-sensitive stop switches.

Wireless transmitter (transceiver) securely sends sensor data across a mesh network to the command center’s PC/server, preinstalled with Sharp’s Command and Control Application Software (CCAP).

MultiRAE gas and radiation instruments can monitor up to 5 of 29 potential threats.

Wireless network security is addressed with 128- or 256-bit data encryption, provided by the A-UGV’s built-in VPN (virtual private network) router and in the CCAP system.

Exacting navigation platform, developed by Sharp, uses GPS and RTK (real-time kinematic) to provide highly precise, accurate positioning for the A-UGV.

Sharp Service Program includes 3-year onsite service, periodic maintenance, remote support, and onsite and online training.

AXIS® PTZ Dome Camera

AXIS® PTZ Dome Camera sits
atop an adjustable-height boom.