Safety Features

The Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV can help organizations meet the challenges of an ever-changing security landscape. Its cutting-edge features can help protect people, infrastructure and assets through proactive and autonomous monitoring that can be observed and studied.

safety features

Features that complement and enhance your security infrastructure.

A visible deterrent on predetermined routes can potentially stop trouble before it occurs.

Secure, real-time data transmission across a wireless mesh network (with backup public cellular, if available) keeps your onsite command center on top of vehicle position and telemetry as well as video, audio and sensor information.

Integrated camera system comprehensively captures the guard tour with multiple video technologies.

Adjustable-height boom stretches to approximately 5’9", enabling the A-UGV to see into and over objects such as walls and fences.

Two-way audio communication, standard cameras and available sensors allow security personnel to communicate through the A-UGV without placing themselves in harm’s way.

Electric drive system powered by two user-replaceable, rechargeable lithium ION battery packs, could provide between four to twelve hours per charge, enabling coverage for 3 full shifts each day. NOTE: Actual battery life may vary, depending on speed, terrain, and accessory usage.

Optional sensors help reduce exposure from hazardous conditions. An array of sensors are available to match the monitoring needs of multiple outdoor site applications.

Multi-terrain front tires provide traction; omnidirectional rear tires feature a revolutionary new design that allows for lateral movement to minimize tire friction and power usage. 


Sensors on all sides heighten security.


Removable lithium ION batteries could last between four to twelve hours per charge.