Security Features

Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV combines automation, mobility and a variety of monitoring and detection functionalities to extend the reach and impact of a traditional security force. Its proactive outdoor patrol capabilities offer a compelling advancement over conventional operations.

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Assist in providing a more secure facility, while prioritizing employees’ safety.

This automated robotic guarding system can extend the frequency and coverage of your property’s assets, help to reduce field personnel requirements and mitigate security risks. On average, the two batteries’ charge could enable coverage for three full shifts per day, with each charge lasting between four to twelve hours of patrol. NOTE: Actual battery life may vary, depending on speed, terrain, and accessory usage.

A standardized comprehensive camera system, including optional thermal imaging. This extends the capabilities of the human eye and provides an increased spectrum of visual data to enable real-time decisions by security personnel.

Audio capabilities, including a siren, voice announcements and two-way communication, enable guards to interact without placing themselves in harm’s way.

The lighting system includes two LED high-beams and two, forward-facing LED low-beams, enabling broad lighting of fence lines and other objects of interest, while also improving visual image capture in poor ambient light conditions. A rear-mounted mast can provide 360° illumination and LED flashing lights as a warning of its presence.

Available optional sensors can detect outdoor environmental hazards, such as toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen levels, and collect reporting data for compliance, verification and audit, while security personnel remain safely in your command center.

Multi-tiered safety features, including light detection and ranging (LIDAR), reduce the risk of collision during unattended patrol. These and features, such as local and remote manual shut-off controls, meet Comprehensive Circle of Quality and Safety System (CCQSS) and the internationally accepted safety standard of ISO 13482 (International Organization of Standardization) for safe operation around people.

Visual Deterrent

A powerful visual deterrent in and around your facility.