Sharp History

Cooperative, business robotics are expanding their role in the future of automation and how companies operate. Sharp’s dedication to the two principal ideals of sincerity and creativity endures with the Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV.

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The Sharp Brand Story

Held to a High Standard

For more than 100 years, Sharp has led the way with innovations and world’s first technologies that people genuinely desire, improving lifestyles and creating new possibilities.

Sharp’s heritage of best in-class engineering, high quality manufacturing and efficient design continues with the Sharp INTELLOS™ Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV).

Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV is a solution that will help mitigate security risks and sets you apart from competitors, while offering a compelling advancement over traditional security operations through its outdoor security patrol capabilities.

Best In Class Engineering

Sharp pushes the boundaries by taking a unique approach to Research and Development, creating products through vertical integration of core technologies, leveraging commodity technologies in new ways and using “open innovation” with other industry leaders. 

In addition, Sharp places a strong focus on design. Every product is carefully crafted with the intention of making people’s lives richer and their work more efficient.

The inclusion of robotics engineering is not new. Worldwide, Sharp has introduced to non-U.S. markets such robotic technologies as the Cocorobo for cleaning and the Robohon for communication.

High Quality Manufacturing

With a focus on efficiency and quality, Sharp’s renowned manufacturing excellence has enabled the company to bring the best new technologies into a diverse array of markets. Sharp now adds the security industry in United States to the mix.

An obsession with quality is also ingrained throughout the company. Not satisfied with simply meeting industry standard quality management processes, Sharp employs proprietary quality assurance standards where each stage of its development processes - from planning, to design, production, and testing - are constantly scrutinized and improved. 

As part of this, the company invests in the most advanced equipment to ensure its products are built to exacting standards. Raw materials used are meticulously selected for the highest quality and careful attention is paid to lower the environmental impact of mass production. The final design and grade finishes of the Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV create a durable and modern look that is ruggedized to handle outdoor security patrol. 

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