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What is Robolliance?

Robolliance is a unique forum that enables technology partners and robotics, surveillance and security experts to advance understanding and awareness of the autonomous robotics industry.

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The Robolliance mission is simple: to encourage innovation for robotics security and surveillance by sharing stories, discussing best practices and educating each other on our areas of expertise.

Everyone can play an important role toward our goal of amplifying the conversation on the technological advancement of autonomous robotics, with a near-term spotlight on Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) for security.

Sharp Electronics Corporation, the founding sponsor of Robolliance, has assembled a group of leading-edge individual and corporate early adopters who appreciate the importance of exchanging information to advance understanding and use of robotics for security management.

Our alliance will enhance our presence in the marketplace and allow us to shine a light on initiatives within our own organization that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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We continuously seek experts and thought leaders to enlighten Robolliance’s followers, subscribers and fellow sponsors. Whether you have a legal, military, government, law enforcement, academic, insurance or industry trade perspective, Robolliance may be a place to showcase your thought leadership. Please contact us with your interest and proposal for content contribution.